Instructions for Managing & Updating NADFAS Society Web Sites

This web site has been designed so that a Society can create and update the site quickly and easily without the need to use web specialists. You can add both text and images such as photos. It means that the site can be designed to project the image of the society and be kept up to date with the latest information.

I’ve tried to make updating as simple as possible. Updating one page (such as Visits) is very similar to updating other pages (such as Lectures). So mastering one page should enable you to tackle the rest of the application with relative ease.

There are many other societies that have created their web site using this application so you can get some ideas on how to populate or design your web site by going to their site. A list of some of these societies is given on the Airedale Solutions site.

Note that your web site will not be identical to other NADFAS sites. Apart from the colours and design your pages may or may not include pages such as Tours, Visits, News and so on. If they are missing, then don’t worry, your society has decided that you do not want them, at least for the time being. If you do want pages added then simply contact Airedale Solutions.

Some societies have asked for extra features such as additional pages. This manual does not include these features. Instead the society would have received additional instructions or the change itself is so simple as to not require and explanation.

Database Driven Web Pages

Now you may think that this heading doesn't make a great deal of sense but it does mean that your web site is more powerful than you may think. Unlike many other web sites all of the data is stored in a database. It is this database which makes decisions. For example the latest lecture will always be automatically shown on the ‘Future Lectures’ web page, you do not need to do anything. Lectures that have passed will automatically be placed in the ‘Previous Lectures’ web page. The same is true of visits and special events or study days. This cuts down your administration significantly; you don't need to worry that the site is up to date.

What You Can't Change!

I could have provided an application where you could have done virtually everything. But I haven't because I must ensure that anyone with basic keyboard skills can manage the site. So I've made it as easy as possible whilst limiting what you can do. It means that if you want to do the following you will need to contact me:

    1. Change the banners at the top of each page.
    2. Add or delete tab buttons (such as Tours and Heritage Volunteers)
    3. Change the colour scheme including background colours.